Can’t Teach That: The Roads Below: Music Review

Okay, so I bet you already know about The Roads Below if aren’t new here. In case you are, they are a very good Country band with a little bit of Pop roots. They released a new single just last Friday! Entitled “Can’t Teach That.”


Phil Evans of The Roads Below

This song doesn’t really need much explanation. Lyrics are pretty straight forward and catchy. The song was written by Chase Coy and Phil Evans

I don’t think Phil could write a bad song if he tried, if he has, I haven’t found it yet. From School Boy Humor to Beneath the Sun; I have been listening for years.

Make sure to download and stream “Can’t Teach That” today. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

You can find The Roads Below on Facebook here.

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Facebook: Time to Say Goodbye

Yesterday I decided to quit using Facebook (except for blogging purposes.) I’m still keeping my Business pages. (Speaking of, have you “Liked” Life as Lauren Mikael on Facebook yet?) Having a personal Facebook is just too much of a distraction for me, I’ve wasted so much of my time over the years mindlessly scrolling through my newsfeed to see what friends are up to…time that I could have spent doing something productive, like writing or taking photos….or laundry. Ha!

On Wednesday I got my camera (Canon 5D Mark III) out of the camera bag for the first time in almost two years. It made me realize how much I really have missed photography.

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I’ve had a Facebook account since 2006. It’s 2020 now, it’s time for a change. I’m tired of seeing negative news stories pop up in my feed, and of seeing the same meme over and over again. I’m ready for hanging out with friends in real life, where they can tell me what they have been up to, not reading about it on a status update. Granted, with Covid still around hanging out with people has pretty much come to a halt. When that is under control though I’m gonna be wanting to spend way more time with friends than I have in the past. I’ve never been good at that…I’m accidentally a loner.


I’m pretty much telling you all of this to hold myself accountable. If I tell you guys I’m off Facebook I won’t go back to it in a few days; I’ll stay off of it for good. Just like when I told you I wasn’t going to see Jonathon anymore. If I write about not doing something anymore it makes it much easier to stick to my decision.


If I wasn’t a writer I would quit social media and never look back, but since blogs are on the internet you pretty much have to share them to every social media account you have to get people to read what you wrote.

Earlier this year I took an online blogging course to help my blog get off the ground. The teachers of this course said something that stuck with me “You can own a sandwich shop and sell the best sandwiches around…but no one will come to it if you don’t tell them that you have a shop.” I may have paraphrased a little, I’m not sure…that was back in February a lot has gone on since then.


Oh and since it is Friday, I want to sneak in a little Fangirl Friday before I end this post. Remember a few months ago when I told you about The Roads Below? Well they released a new song not too long ago called “Where That Tattoo Ends” it’s so good! You guys…I have basically been listen to it on repeat ever since it came out at the beginning of this month.

The Roads Below Where That Tattoo Ends Screenshot

Listen to it below:

You can find The Roads Below on all of your favorite music streaming services. If you don’t already have a favorite, click the banner below and you get 90 days of free listening.

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The Roads Below: Good When It’s Gone

Around 2008 I found out about a local Pop band; School Boy Humor, loved them! After finding out about them, I’m pretty sure I was at most, if not all of their shows.

Up until I heard of them I assumed all local musicians were crappy, for lack of a better word.


Turns out I was wrong, like really…really wrong. Check out one of School Boy Humor’s most popular songs “Please Stand Up” below:

Fast forward to now. These days I would much rather listen to locals over any big time artist. There are so many local amazing artist/bands that have now become good friends of mine.


Anyway, so…sadly SBH is no longer together; but the good news is Phil (lead singer) has another band now. (Country this time) The Roads Below click the link to be taken to their Facebook page.

Everybody knows I used to hate Country music, but it has really grown on my over the years. It’s hard to live in Arkansas and escape Country music, so I decided to embrace it. Not all of it, some of it still makes me cringe. Can’t stand a twangy, nasal-ley mess.


Lucky for me (and you) Phil is super talented, and definitely does not sound like an annoying, twangy mess.

The Roads Below released a new music video for their song “Good When It’s Gone” today. Check it out.

If you happen to be in Little Rock tomorrow night (February 29th) you should head over to Stickyz Rock N’ Roll Chicken Shack to see them play. They will be playing with another talented friend of mine named Bree Ogden.


She recently released a new song called “Months Now”

It’s a great song, I’ve practically been listening to it nonstop since it came out. Listen below:

School Boy Humor, The Roads Below, and Bree Ogden’s music can be found on Apple Music, or whatever other platform you use to listen to your favorite music.


Here is a picture of Phil and I from November, the last time they were in town (they reside in Nashville now.)



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PS: I know I’ve been blogging a lot, just trying to catch up…since I went almost two weeks without saying anything recently.