The Roads Below: Good When It’s Gone

Around 2008 I found out about a local Pop band; School Boy Humor, loved them! After finding out about them, I’m pretty sure I was at most, if not all of their shows.

Up until I heard of them I assumed all local musicians were crappy, for lack of a better word.


Turns out I was wrong, like really…really wrong. Check out one of School Boy Humor’s most popular songs “Please Stand Up” below:

Fast forward to now. These days I would much rather listen to locals over any big time artist. There are so many local amazing artist/bands that have now become good friends of mine.


Anyway, so…sadly SBH is no longer together; but the good news is Phil (lead singer) has another band now. (Country this time) The Roads Below click the link to be taken to their Facebook page.

Everybody knows I used to hate Country music, but it has really grown on my over the years. It’s hard to live in Arkansas and escape Country music, so I decided to embrace it. Not all of it, some of it still makes me cringe. Can’t stand a twangy, nasal-ley mess.


Lucky for me (and you) Phil is super talented, and definitely does not sound like an annoying, twangy mess.

The Roads Below released a new music video for their song “Good When It’s Gone” today. Check it out.

If you happen to be in Little Rock tomorrow night (February 29th) you should head over to Stickyz Rock N’ Roll Chicken Shack to see them play. They will be playing with another talented friend of mine named Bree Ogden.


She recently released a new song called “Months Now”

It’s a great song, I’ve practically been listening to it nonstop since it came out. Listen below:

School Boy Humor, The Roads Below, and Bree Ogden’s music can be found on Apple Music, or whatever other platform you use to listen to your favorite music.


Here is a picture of Phil and I from November, the last time they were in town (they reside in Nashville now.)



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