Just Wanted to Check In…

Life has sort of been a blur since losing my Daddy in February… The days have sort of to all just been blending together in a way. I started writing Dear Daddy immediately after his death as a way to cope, without taking much time to actually mourn him. That is basically what I have […]

Setting Intentions is Important

I don’t want to have to look for clues to find out whether or not we are going to be in a relationship…this isn’t freakin’ Blue’s Clues. I don’t have time for that anymore. Which is why setting intentions is so important. When I first met Jonathon, he told me basically right off the bat […]

I’m Worth It and So are You

Today’s blog post is all about knowing that I’m worth it (…guess what? You are too!) I remember one day when I was 5 years old, I was laying on my bed waiting for my family to get ready to go to church (or some kind of family dinner or something) all I know is […]