Nutella Red Tart Cherry Pretzel Roll Snack

Okay, so…I posted this on TikTok a day or two ago, but just incase you ain’t seen it yet, I’mma post it on the blog.


Nutella Red Tart Cherry Pretzel Roll Snack:

This is a fast, and easy iron rich snack. All you need are 3 simple ingredients; and a microwave.

Pretzillla pretzel dinner rolls (or whichever type you have hand.) You can find Pretzilla at Wal-Mart; they are my person favorite.

Jar of Nutella

Jar of Smucker’s Red Tart Cherry Jam


Microwave your pretzel rolls for 30 seconds. I microwave them two at a time. (Note: I have a 1000 – watt microwave, but heat to your desired temperature.)

I use around 2 tablespoons of each condiment. (A separate spoon for each jar.)

Spoon and/or spread the jam and Nutella on a plate, and then dip the warm pretzel(s) in each respectively.


Pretzel Roll… easy, iron packed snack. Featuring Nutella and Red Tart Cherry Smuckers Jam. #Nutella #Smuckers @Smuckers #foodie #pretzilla #pretzelroll

♬ original sound – Lauren Mikael

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Hope you enjoy this quick and healthy treat!