Photography: My Camera Journey and Print Shop

I’ve finally opened my own print shop (check it out here.) I’ve been into photography for almost as long as I can remember. My first camera was a purple Samsung Spectrum 20. I loved it so much, because it was one of my favorite colors and you could see its guts, which was fascinating to […]

Blogtober Challenge: 31 Days 31 Posts

Yesterday on Twitter I found out about the Blogtober Challenge; it’s where you write a blog post for every day during the month of October. *This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn compensation when you make a purchase from the links provided. At no additional cost to you. Halloween will be Life […]

Facebook: Time to Say Goodbye

Yesterday I decided to quit using Facebook (except for blogging purposes.) I’m still keeping my Business pages. (Speaking of, have you “Liked” Life as Lauren Mikael on Facebook yet?) Having a personal Facebook is just too much of a distraction for me, I’ve wasted so much of my time over the years mindlessly scrolling through […]