Just Wanted to Check In…

Life has sort of been a blur since losing my Daddy in February… The days have sort of to all just been blending together in a way. I started writing Dear Daddy immediately after his death as a way to cope, without taking much time to actually mourn him. That is basically what I have […]

🚩Each Day is a Special Gift 🚩

I used to go to this bar called Fox and Hound on Tuesday nights because Phil Houston (Nothing for 7 months, now twice in one week! If this confuses you, that means you didn’t read my last post, click his name to do that now) ran karaoke there on Tuesdays. One Tuesday night I was […]

So Tired…of this Chair

So, remember yesterday when I said I had a hard day? I’ll tell you about it. It’s actually kinda funny now. I’ve had this huge electric wheelchair sitting in my living room for months. I don’t like the big ones, no offense to anyone who needs this kind…but they are just too “special needs” for […]

Baclofen Pump: Time to get my Batteries Replaced

Since I have Cerebral Palsy (you can learn more about that here in my About Me page) my muscles are a lot tighter than the average person’s. I’m also very spastic…a loud noise (sometimes it doesn’t even have to be loud) can happen and I would practically get so jumpy that I swear I almost […]

Beginning Again

I’ve been blogging for years now. I’ve had a blog since 2010 called Rockstars and Randomness. Where I would talk about Rock Shows happening where I live (Little Rock, Arkansas) and new music releases, or whatever I wanted to talk about; hence the Randomness.  For the past few years the Little Rock music scene has been […]