Flip The Switch: My New Book is Out Now!

You guys, I wrote a book! Flip The Switch: Change Your Perspective Change Your Life. I’m so excited! I have wanted to write a book all my life, literally since I was probably 5 years old, and I finally did it. I remember one day when I was that age, I was staying at my […]

Synchronicities: Headed in The Right Direction

You know those days where everything is going right, and you keep seeing positive signs (synchronicities) everywhere? Thankfully that has been happening for me a lot lately. It’s amazing how quickly being grateful can turn your life around. When you start seeing synchronicities everywhere you look (and…queue the Full House theme song to start playing […]

I’m Positive I Have to Let You Go

Have you ever had a dream that you just can’t shake…hours or even days later, it still haunts you? Let’s back up a little. Remember Boyfriend 2? If not, you should read this and this so that this post…the post you are currently reading makes more sense. I’ll wait… Okay. We good to go? You […]

Learning to Lean on My Faith

Last night before heading to bed I noticed a note on my apartment door. I assumed it was going to be a note about maintenance coming or something. I opened it and… Definitely not about maintenance. It was an eviction notice. I panicked…flashbacks of last year were happening…(I was wrongfully evicted from my place last […]

Privacy is Power: Learn to Keep Quiet

Very recently it has occurred to me that Privacy is power. Which basically means as long as you keep things that are important to you private, such as any details of your personal life no one can interfere and mess things up for you. This goes along with yesterday’s post if you still need to […]

Positive Thinking is Powerful

The first half of this post is going to seem like a downer, but bear with me…it’s actually ending on a super positive note, I’m going to be showing you just how important positive thinking really is. This post goes along with Privacy is Power , so make sure you read that one too! For […]