Positive Thinking is Powerful

The first half of this post is going to seem like a downer, but bear with me…it’s actually ending on a super positive note, I’m going to be showing you just how important positive thinking really is. This post goes along with Privacy is Power , so make sure you read that one too! For […]

Dating Clint Wright from Real World: Atlanta?

Here is the story about the time when I almost dated Clint Wright from Real World: Atlanta. I’ve been recovering from surgery, and celebrating Thanksgiving early with my family. Things are finally getting back to normal, so I figured it was time to get back to the blog. A few days before surgery, I met […]

Baclofen Pump: Time to get my Batteries Replaced

Since I have Cerebral Palsy (you can learn more about that here in my About Me page) my muscles are a lot tighter than the average person’s. I’m also very spastic…a loud noise (sometimes it doesn’t even have to be loud) can happen and I would practically get so jumpy that I swear I almost […]

(Ghosting) Who Knew Texting was so Hard…?

This is something I can’t stand…ghosting. It happens a lot with online dating. “I’m not interested in you anymore; but I hope you find what you are looking for.” Is that too hard to say or to send in a text message? I’ve never understood why someone would rather ghost than communicate. I would much […]

Beginning Again

I’ve been blogging for years now. I’ve had a blog since 2010 called Rockstars and Randomness. Where I would talk about Rock Shows happening where I live (Little Rock, Arkansas) and new music releases, or whatever I wanted to talk about; hence the Randomness.  For the past few years the Little Rock music scene has been […]