Dear Daddy, Goodbye: My Second Book

It’s been a while since my last blog update, you can probably tell why I have been MIA, just by reading the title of this post. My Daddy passed away. I’ve been trying to collect myself before I wrote much about it, plus we’ve been busy with grieving; the funeral and all of that stuff…mixed […]

Flip The Switch: My New Book is Out Now!

You guys, I wrote a book! Flip The Switch: Change Your Perspective Change Your Life. I’m so excited! I have wanted to write a book all my life, literally since I was probably 5 years old, and I finally did it. I remember one day when I was that age, I was staying at my […]

Voice Recorder: Sony ICD-UX570: Review

A few days ago I wrote a post and mentioned that I bought a voice recorder, so today I want to write a post dedicated to the voice recorder itself. Whenever I’m looking to buy something I always check Amazon first, since they have such a wide selection. After browsing voice recorders for a while […]

Photography: My Camera Journey and Print Shop

I’ve finally opened my own print shop (check it out here.) I’ve been into photography for almost as long as I can remember. My first camera was a purple Samsung Spectrum 20. I loved it so much, because it was one of my favorite colors and you could see its guts, which was fascinating to […]

2021: New Year New…Tagline?

First off I want to tell you Happy New Year! Happy 2021! Like I said in my last post Someday Morning: Fangirl Friday, 2020 wasn’t a bad year completely. What you focus on is what grows…so if you keep yourself focused on the bad parts of life it makes it really hard (and sometimes almost […]

Someday Morning: Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday and since things have been a little off with the blog (and real life) lately, I figured it would be nice to get back into the swing of things with a Fangirl Friday post. Plus Someday Morning released their first Christmas song: “Christmas Time For Peace and Hope” today so it’s actually perfect […]

Life as Lauren Mikael: Happy Birthday!

Today Life as Lauren Mikael turns one year old! Times flies, it honestly doesn’t feel like it has been that long to me. I think it has been a pretty great year honestly. I know a lot (okay, most) people think 2020 has been a crap year. It’s all about perspective, if you are focusing […]

Fall Favorites: Candles, Teas, and Recipes

In my opinion the best time of year is most definitely Fall. The crisp weather, the cozy sweaters; the food…sign me up for all of it! If it were up to me we would all live in a constant Autumn season. Now that the time is finally here, I figured it would be a good […]