Facebook: Time to Say Goodbye

Yesterday I decided to quit using Facebook (except for blogging purposes.) I’m still keeping my Business pages. (Speaking of, have you “Liked” Life as Lauren Mikael on Facebook yet?) Having a personal Facebook is just too much of a distraction for me, I’ve wasted so much of my time over the years mindlessly scrolling through […]

Don’t You Worry- Queen Latifah

I know it isn’t Friday, but today we are going to talk about music anyway. “Don’t You Worry” from the TV show Star. You guys know I am a big believer in positive thinking Life has been throwing a lot of stuff at me lately. Between some things not happening as fast as I thought […]

Countertop Dishwasher: Danby

I’m so excited you guys, I finally got a Danby Countertop dishwasher. The full size dishwasher that came with my apartment hasn’t been working since October (it never worked well, even when it was technically still working.) I have been telling the front office and maintenance men about it over and over again; still they […]

Love Like Fiction: Fangirl Friday

*This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn compensation when you make a purchase from  the links provided. At no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s been a while since I posted a Fangirl Friday, wasn’t intentional; life just gets busy sometimes, you know? Let’s […]

Sugar Bear Hair: Fangirl Friday

In October I decided I wanted a pixie haircut again; which always seems like a good idea at first, but then a few weeks go by and I find myself regretting cutting off my long hair. Thank God for Sugar Bear Hair. This is my third time to have a pixie cut and each time […]

Phil Houston: Fangirl Friday

First off I gotta say I’m a little shocked at myself, that this blog has been up since Halloween 2019 and today is the first time I have ever mentioned Phil Houston on Life As Lauren Mikael. It’s Friday after all so what better day to bring him up than now? If you ever read […]

Billie Joe Armstrong: Fangirl Friday

Today Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) released a new single “I Think We’re Alone Now” originally released by Tommy James & the Shondells in 1967; later released by Tiffany in 1987. You can watch the video for the song below: Billie recorded this in his bedroom a few weeks ago, to entertain us all […]

Misery Business: Machine Gun Kelly: Fangirl Friday

I found this video yesterday when a friend shared it on Facebook. I have always been a huge Paramore fan, so I was really excited to see this. Machine Gun Kelly cover of “Misery Business” with Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker. Machine Gun Kelly can also be found behind the drums in Netflix’s take on Motley […]

Office Ladies: Fangirl Friday

With all of this social distancing lately. I have been reading a lot, but I have also been listening to Office Ladies podcast. You guys probably already know I love The Office, and I have good ole Scott to thank for that. He convinced me to watch past the first few episodes, and even though […]

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Fangirl Friday

This week isn’t about a band, but it is about a musical TV show. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I originally started watching the show for Lauren Graham. Love her!!! Any show I’ve watched of Lauren’s has been great. Gilmore Girls: My all-time favorite show ever, always has been ever since the first episode aired On October […]