Shadow Work: How it Works

Shadow work has been on my mind lately, that’s actually why I took a few days off of Blogtober. If you are confused about what shadow work is, it’s when you basically take yourself to therapy, except you are your own therapist. During shadow work you look inside of yourself to find out who you […]

Learn To Be Yourself: Keep Playing the Game

I have been seeing a lot different things pop up surrounding the same theme…Be yourself, be free, love who you are. So, that is what I feel called to write about today. For most of my life I had let nervousness, anxiety and fear take over. I used to let all of those things rob […]

Synchronicities: Headed in The Right Direction

You know those days where everything is going right, and you keep seeing positive signs (synchronicities) everywhere? Thankfully that has been happening for me a lot lately. It’s amazing how quickly being grateful can turn your life around. When you start seeing synchronicities everywhere you look (and…queue the Full House theme song to start playing […]