About Me

I was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy (basically I stopped breathing during birth and the part of my brain that is supposed to know how to walk died off.) So, that leaves me in a wheelchair. Cerebral Palsy isn’t a condition that worsens over time, it always stay the same. 


Aside from being in a wheelchair, I am a “normal” 29 year old woman. I don’t sit around thinking : “Oh, poor pityful me…my legs don’t work!” I am very independent (and very stubborn.) I like to do stuff on my own to prove to myself and others that I am capable. 

I never miss the opportunity to make a joke about this whole being disabled situation. (Or really any situation. Small gift given to me by my former depression.)


I love writing (obviously, otherwise why would I have a blog?! 😛😝) cooking, reading, photography, and music (especially live) it’s definitely not uncommon to see me out at a local music venue in the front row (Always! Front row or don’t go is my motto) with my camera, later going home to blog about the show I saw. Check out my other blog Rockstars and Randomness to keep up with what shows I’m seeing, album reviews and new music releases. 


I started Life as Lauren Mikael to help break the stigma surrounding people with disabilities, and just write about what it’s like going through life as a woman in a wheelchair; whether it be dating, or just everyday life.


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