Cows: Made for Food NOT Milk

Hey, you guys! So, I have a few weeks until surgery. Need to gain a little bit more weight before I personally feel comfortable to go under the knife for Baclofen Pump removal. (Permanently this time.) Did you know I was the first person in Arkansas to ever have a Baclofen pump?

Things having an ED Taught Me:

Cows are for meat…not milk (stick to almond, soy and oat.)

Room temperature drinking water is crucial.

Use pepper to season food and not salt.

Drawing of cow standing in the grass by rain cloud

Spent the first part of the day in bed not feeling well; all because I drank a bottle of whole fat chocolate milk, not everyone in the house I am currently staying in is up to speed on the fact that my body does not need hormones in that type of way and that I need a milk alternative instead. (Although I have told them many times.)

That’s all I really have to say for today. Hope everything is going well for you (whoever you are.) Check out my Instagram by clicking on the logo at the end of this post for more Post-it note art.


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