You Can Follow Me on TikTok

Hey you guys, just wanted to pop in really quickly and tell you all about my new (and only) TikTok account. Go over there now and check it out by clicking on the music note thing below:


I already have a few of them. Some are about Dookie, some about my life in a wheelchair and some about the type of food I eat in a day. I plan on starting to add to TikTok and YouTube almost daily now, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Anyway, that’s about all I have to talk about for now. I hope you are all having a great night/morning.


Can’t Teach That: The Roads Below: Music Review

Okay, so I bet you already know about The Roads Below if aren’t new here. In case you are, they are a very good Country band with a little bit of Pop roots. They released a new single just last Friday! Entitled “Can’t Teach That.”


Phil Evans of The Roads Below

This song doesn’t really need much explanation. Lyrics are pretty straight forward and catchy. The song was written by Chase Coy and Phil Evans

I don’t think Phil could write a bad song if he tried, if he has, I haven’t found it yet. From School Boy Humor to Beneath the Sun; I have been listening for years.

Make sure to download and stream “Can’t Teach That” today. Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

You can find The Roads Below on Facebook here.

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