This is Me by: Chrissy Metz: Book Review

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz in a black and white self portrait on the cover of her book This Is Me

Ever since This Is Me by Chrissy Metz (Who stars as Kate Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us) was released in March of 2018. I knew I wanted to read it. If you’ve read my book Dear Daddy, you already know that I am a big fan of This Is Us, so I knew I would love this book. All of the actors/actresses on that show are so talented and make This Is Us feel like real-life, you actually get sucked in to their world and to be honest, I can’t watch an episode without crying.


Confidence and Gratitude

In the book This is Me, Chrissy Metz writes about her childhood, that at times was less than ideal. How she didn’t always have the best family life, and how all the stuff she went though back then helped her become who she is today. She is very open about her feelings on her size, which is awesome, I love how confident she is. Chrissy tells you about how people have criticized her for certain wardrobe choices, which is silly to me…what other people wear is none of our business.

Lunch with Oprah? Yeah, she’s done that, she even walks you through the whole experience. Which is cool, because Chrissy ended up manifesting that in her life years before it happened.

This is Me goes through the importance of being mindful and grateful. Always a plus in my book (literally, have you read Flip the Switch?) I’ll admit I sometimes still lose sight of being mindful and grateful. We all have slip ups. She teaches you a sort of “life hack” on how to quickly be grateful before even getting your day started.

She takes you on her journey of becoming an actress, and you can tell she is doing what she is truly called to do in life.

Chrissy writes about her pasts relationships and even helps you realize that you don’t always need a relationship to be happy.

I used Audible to “read” This Is Me. Chrissy narrates her book herself; makes me happy, because her personality definitely shines through.

I really enjoyed this book and liked her insight on life.

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Tuesday Starts with Tea

As for the tea portion of this review since this is a Tuesday Starts with Tea post. I ordered Chili’s from Uber Eats while “reading” This Is Me, and tried their Mango tea…which to put it nicely wasn’t my cup of tea. tasted fake and sort of chemically to me. So I opted for a cup of Tetley’s Classic blend, which can be found on Amazon here: or I’ve also found it at Wal-Mart.

You can get a copy of This Is Me by: Chrissy Metz here:


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