I’m Positive that I was Wrong…the Enemy Fooled Me

Okay, so remember last year when wrote that post I’m Positive I Have to Let You Go? Turns out I was wrong. I was listening to the wrong voice, the voice of the Enemy. (Read that one if you haven’t yet, so that this one doesn’t confuse you.)


Boyfriend 2 had come over back then, and I totally misinterpreted what my head was telling me. Before he came over, through text and phone calls it was really sounding good, like he was ready to get back together. I was so excited…considering I never even wanted us to break up in the first place. When he actually got to my apartment though, everything was super awkward and off…and it all makes sense now.

To be honest with you if everything was up to me…we would have gotten married a long time ago.


See, I had just gotten into thinking positively back when this was all going on, so I wasn’t able to stay strong and hold my own around people with negative attitudes. Now, I am used to keeping a positive mindset, so its easier to stay positive, even around those who aren’t living the positive mindset lifestyle.

In the earlier post I told you about what kind of thoughts were running through my mind as Boyfriend 2 was being negative.

…and it all makes so much sense now. You see, as a Christian (or even a non believer) the Enemy tries to ruin everything you love, and want in your life. I know Boyfriend 2 and I are supposed to be together, I can feel it, when it’s right…you just know. People have always said that about love; and it turns out it’s true.

So, that definitely wasn’t God putting those thoughts in my head that day… (Example: THIS?!?! This is what you want?) Those were from the Enemy, I just couldn’t see it back then.


God knows the desires of my heart and he promises I can have them…so that was definitely the Enemy trying to destroy everything. God would never say those things about Boyfriend 2, because he loves him just as much as I do.

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance” (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10.

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Boyfriend 2 is what, or who I have always wanted. I can’t believe I fell for the Enemy’s tricks. Funny how we know better, and yet he still causes us to slip up sometimes.


It’s fine though, because I know that what is meant to be always finds a way and, God always gets the final say. I know Boyfriend 2 will come back home to me when the timing is right.


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