Voice Recorder: Sony ICD-UX570: Review

A few days ago I wrote a post and mentioned that I bought a voice recorder, so today I want to write a post dedicated to the voice recorder itself.


Whenever I’m looking to buy something I always check Amazon first, since they have such a wide selection. After browsing voice recorders for a while I settled on the Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder.

Sony UX Series Digital Voice Recorder Black ICDUX570BLK

This thing is great, and like I said in the other post…has pretty much paid for itself already. It has a USB that slides out of the bottom for charging the battery, and uploading a recording to your computer. The battery last for a long time too. In fact the only time I’ve had to charge it yet was during the initial setup when I got it out of the box almost a month ago. I’ve used it a lot since then…and for long periods of time at that.

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The only complaints I have are that I wish you could name the folders your recordings go into and the recordings themselves on the device. To name the recordings you have to connect the voice recorder to your computer. Which honestly isn’t that big of a deal, but having the option to name files on the recorder without a computer would be nice.

The microphone is pretty awesome and records clearly. I’ve even turned the recorder on to record videos I watch on my phone and they still come out sounding great, almost as if it isn’t from a video; like the person talking is being recorded in the same room as you.


If you want you have the option to attach your own microphone, for even better sound quality. There is also a slot for a micro sd card to give you more memory to work with.

If you are a writer I totally recommend getting a voice recorder. It has already made my life so much easier and I haven’t even had it a full month yet. If you are anything like me you come up with ideas for your newest book or blog post at the most random times, most of which are when pen and paper are out of sight…and you tell yourself It’s okay, I’ll remember it later when I’m actually writing

…but then you sit down to write and the great idea you had earlier is now gone. That doesn’t happen to me anymore now that I bought this handy dandy little dude. Plus, you can just get Microsoft Word or any other program with a dictate button to write out what you spoke into a written document, which makes writing so much faster, because then all you have to do is correct mistakes if the translation made any.

If you want one, you can get it here: https://amzn.to/3oy5v8t

I said in the post I wrote the other day that I take this little thing with me everywhere I go, which is still true. A few days ago I had a mini panic attack because I couldn’t find it; turns out it was wrapped up really nice and cozy in my bed sheets. Maybe sleeping with it isn’t the best option.


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