Shenandoah: When God Gives You Cinnamon

I have a good post for you guys today. This has all happened over the past few weeks. (I’ve been been meaning to tell you about it for a while now, but you know how life gets busy.) Now that I’m in the mood to write…let me tell you this really amazing story about how I found out what Shenandoah means.

As you may know, over the last few months I have been working on bettering myself, and my relationship with God.

When you get close to God, he gets closer to you too, he starts showing out with how wonderful he is, and shows us how much he pays attention to what we want; even the small things.

Like, cinnamon…

Which we’ll get to in a little bit, but first let’s talk about my new favorite things I bought for myself.


I bought a voice recorder recently, since I am always coming up with ideas for blog posts and whatnot at the most awkward times, and I can’t ever seem to get those thoughts on paper quick enough before they slip away. I carry it with me everywhere. It has been super helpful, and has basically paid for itself already. If you are a writer I definitely recommend getting one, it makes writing so much easier, you can even transcribe what you recorded into a written Microsoft Word document. Anyway, enough about my voice recorder. (I will have a post coming up soon dedicated to the voice recorder I use if you are interested.).


I said all that to say, I can now insert audio files into my posts and basically read it to you like my own little audiobook or something.

Listen below:

Also, this was one of my first times to record myself, and for some reason I was nervous and studder-y in my own apartment, home alone…don’t judge me. Ha! 😉

A package of 6 cinnamon sticks

A few weeks ago I ordered groceries from Walmart delivery. I got everything out just like usual, I unpacked the bags. 

Everything I ordered was there and I was like: Okay, well that makes sense ’cause I’m done unpacking the groceries now, but then I noticed something in one of the bags and I was thinking but I didn’t order anything else. 

I picked it up and got it out of the bag. It was a package of cinnamon sticks. 

Um? Neat.

God has a thing for showing up in my groceries apparently.


A few days before that I had tried a real cinnamon stick for the first time in my oatmeal, and it actually was really good. Turned out to taste better than the already grated stuff in a jar.  I was staying my Mama’s house at the time and she didn’t have any grated cinnamon. I was thinking how do people not have cinnamon? That’s weird. I have literally 3 different types of grated cinnamon in my kitchen, I love cinnamon…

…but then she found some cinnamon sticks and she grated them up for me to put in my oatmeal. 

We went grocery shopping a few days later, we ended up going to a bunch of different places and I had bought a few spices. I remember seeing cinnamon sticks and thinking I’m gonna buy cinnamon sticks, but I’ve already bought so much stuff I don’t need to buy the cinnamon sticks right now. 


Back to my Wal-Mart delivery order:

Like I said earlier, in the bag was a package of cinnamon sticks.

They didn’t throw them in as a promotional item or anything. It didn’t say in my order receipt e-mail: Congratulations! You bought like $30 worth of Walmart, so have some free cinnamon sticks!

Which you have to admit would be a weird free gift anyway for Wal-Mart to give; but it’s not weird for God to give you free cinnamon sticks, when He does it…it’s neat!



About two weeks later I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when He spoke to me.

He said: “look at the name of where the cinnamon sticks are from. “

Um…okay sure, cause when God speaks to you, it’s always best to do what He says as soon as possible.

 So right then I went to look at the package on the shelf in my kitchen and it says Shenandoah.  I didn’t know what that meant…so I Googled it; turns out Shenandoah means Beautiful Daughter of the Stars.  Isn’t that neat? So cool, I just had to tell y’all about it.  

 Screenshot of Googling the meaning of Shenandoah, which means Beautiful Daughter of the Stars.

I love it! How sweet.

I tend to worry sometimes that I don’t do right by Him as much as I should, so it’s nice to have conformation, you know? Nice to know he really does think I am a Shenandoah.


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