2021: New Year New…Tagline?

First off I want to tell you Happy New Year! Happy 2021!

Like I said in my last post Someday Morning: Fangirl Friday, 2020 wasn’t a bad year completely.


What you focus on is what grows…so if you keep yourself focused on the bad parts of life it makes it really hard (and sometimes almost impossible) to see anything good. Think of it as a camera lens; if the lens is out of focus you won’t capture a clear image. Life works the same way. Which is why I don’t watch the news, and I limit who shows up in my social media feeds. Life is good once you start minding your own business.

I will say it wasn’t my favorite year for sure. Now it is time to move on though and leave 2020 in the past where it belongs.


Since you are supposed to speak things as though they already were, I’m going to go ahead and say that 2021 is going to be a great year. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish this year, but I am going to keep them hush hush until they happen, because Privacy is Power.

I will say I plan on making some changes to the blog soon considering that I don’t date anymore…at least not until I find someone with real intentions; and since I don’t have a Dachshund anymore my tagline for this blog no longer fits. If you have any ideas for a new tagline feel free to leave it in the comments. I need some new ideas; but I really liked the triple D thing I had going on there, it just sort of flowed out of me when I started this website, but as I said- life is different now, so it’s time to do some sort of rebirth of Life as Lauren Mikael and look forward to what is coming next. Even though I don’t know exactly what that is yet. I’m excited about the possibilities that 2021 holds anyway.


I hope 2021 treats you all well. Expect and believe that and, well…it will. but I’m going to leave this here to make sure you all understand that good things don’t always fall in your lap. You have to do the work to get to what you want.

You can ask God to change things, but you have to be willing to let him make the changes; and he needs you to do your part. Faith without works is dead. Basically, you can’t weigh 1000 pounds laying on a couch eating a Snickers, asking God to make you skinny without any action on your part. You gotta get off the couch and show Him that you are willing to exercise first before you see any changes in your circumstances.


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