Someday Morning: Fangirl Friday

It’s Friday and since things have been a little off with the blog (and real life) lately, I figured it would be nice to get back into the swing of things with a Fangirl Friday post. Plus Someday Morning released their first Christmas song: “Christmas Time For Peace and Hope” today so it’s actually perfect timing.


If I am being honest I normally don’t really like Christmas music, simply because it seems sort of played out; same songs over and over again…just a different artist covering them each year…you know?

Not this song. It’s brand new and they wrote it themselves!


Lead singer of Someday Morning is Troy Brown, who you may know of from a band called Small Town Sleeper (which has always been one of my favorite bands, they went on tour with Daughtry in 2007 and I’ve loved them ever since.) You might also know him as the lead singer of Lovesick Radio.

Yeah, you are probably thinking “Lauren you say every band is your favorite.”

That’s true, but only because I am super picky about the music I like…which means I have to really love an artist or song to keep listening to it. Life is short, I don’t want to waste my time listening to bad music. Which is exactly why when I find a great singer I stick with them, through band break ups, or member changes. Much like I have done with my other favorite Phil Houston; I have been following Troy’s music journey since I first saw him perform years ago.

Troy has a very unique, distinguishable voice, smooth…yet sort of raspy. Anyway, it’s awesome! Which you already know if you listened to the Christmas song above. If you didn’t yet…what are you waiting for? That is literally the whole point of this post. Get to it!


I really like “Christmas Time For Peace and Hope” and I think this song is just what we all need, especially right now. It’s very calm and well, just like the name suggests…peaceful.

I still haven’t even put up my little Christmas tree yet, but when I finally do, I think I’m going to pull a Gilmore Girls and put it in the kitchen.

2020 has been pretty difficult on us all, but I bet if you sit and think about it…you’ll realize a lot of good things happened for you this year too, even if they were small.


Time for a little Flashback Friday: Back in 2008 with Troy and Derek when Small Town Sleeper toured with Candlebox.

Man, I totally don’t miss having braces at all. We need a do over, this picture is way outdated. Haha! They both have awesome hats though. (If you are around me often, you probably recognize the hat Troy is wearing…y’all know that I’m a sucker for a good hat so I had to go to Kohl’s and get one for myself.)

You can find Small Town Sleeper, Lovesick Radio, and Someday Morning on Apple Music, Spotify…or wherever you like to stream music.


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