Life as Lauren Mikael: Happy Birthday!

Today Life as Lauren Mikael turns one year old! Times flies, it honestly doesn’t feel like it has been that long to me.


I think it has been a pretty great year honestly. I know a lot (okay, most) people think 2020 has been a crap year. It’s all about perspective, if you are focusing on all of the bad things that have happened this year…or any year really, that is all you will see eventually; so I always vote that we look on the bright side of things.


2020 has given me time (a lot of it) to sit at home and work on my blog and become a better writer, which is honestly just what you need when you start a new blog. so, thank you 2020. People who don’t blog seem to think it all just sort of happens over night…getting page views, building an audience and showing up in search engines like Google takes a lot of work.

…and trust me, I still have so much work to do, because all those things I mentioned above take time. Which can be rough when you are as impatient like me. (I’ve been really working on that though.)


Over this year of blogging here on Life as Lauren Mikael I have told you all about my online dating experiences in a little series I like to call POF Conversations and/or POF Stories. Pretty interesting stuff if I do say so myself, if you are new here take a look around…I have quite a few POF Stories/Conversations. My most popular being the time that I (almost) dated a Real World Atlanta cast member.

I have become a more positive minded person. As well as a more Spiritual and grateful one.

We’ve read a few books here (not as many as I had hoped for, but we’ll get back to that soon) in a series I like to call Tuesday Starts with Tea where I give you a book review and a tea review all in one post. I have drank so much tea this year you guys. That is totally cool with me though, you guys probably already know I am a bit of a tea snob.


I’ve even told all of you lovely readers about great music on Fridays when I do yet another series which I like to call Fangirl Friday; where not only as I mentioned do I tell you about awesome music…but I also tell you my backstory with the band/musician if I have one, most of the time I do. That one when I went to see Green Day is my favorite experience so far. Man! I miss live shows, Corona Virus needs to go away.


I’m excited to see where this next year brings Life as Lauren Mikael. If you are a reader of mine I just want to say thank you so much for all of your support, this blog would literally be nothing without you.


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PS: I took the featured photo in 2011 on my 21st birthday as part of my 365 Flickr project.

It is also the last day of Blogtober, which I didn’t participate in as much as I wish I could have…but I did met a lot of other cool bloggers and there is always next year to try again at least.



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