Shadow Work: How it Works

Shadow work has been on my mind lately, that’s actually why I took a few days off of Blogtober. If you are confused about what shadow work is, it’s when you basically take yourself to therapy, except you are your own therapist.


During shadow work you look inside of yourself to find out who you really are; what you really want…why you are the way you are, and what it was that happened to make you act or think that way. You face your fears and figure out why you were afraid of that thing in the first place.


It really makes you realize the areas of yourself that need improvement; all while making the outward you match what is really inside.

You learn to trust your instincts instead of following the crowd.

Shadow work goes hand In hand with keeping a Gratitude Journal, when you are appreciative of everything you have; you also become grateful for everything you are, and start the process of changing the things you feel could use improvement.


I have found it works best to say everything you are working through out loud to help process everything better. I bet my neighbors think I’m going psychotic if they can hear me talking to myself through the thin apartment walls…but it doesn’t matter what they think because it works, and it made me a better person. (I really need a house. I’m working on it. It’s time move forward.)

Talking out loud helps you to really you process what you are working through, since thoughts can come and go so quickly.


Once you complete your shadow work, not only will you understand yourself, but you also have a deeper understanding of the people around you as well. Most importantly, you’ll learn to embrace the “flaws” you saw in yourself before you started this self love journey. The negativity fogging up your thoughts fades away and you are now free to a life of clarity.

This is a meme I saved to my phone back in March, and just now stumbled upon while I looking for a picture of someone….how fitting!



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5 thoughts on “Shadow Work: How it Works

  1. Wow, this is so interesting! I always thought that shadow work involved confronting the negative aspects of yourself. I did know it goes hand in hand with self-love, but never knew quite how.

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