Learn To Be Yourself: Keep Playing the Game

I have been seeing a lot different things pop up surrounding the same theme…Be yourself, be free, love who you are. So, that is what I feel called to write about today.


For most of my life I had let nervousness, anxiety and fear take over. I used to let all of those things rob me of experiences. I refuse to let that happen anymore. If something didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to I thought that whatever it is I wanted wasn’t meant for me and that if it was not going as planned then that was a sign to stop trying for the thing. I was wrong. Turns out, when things don’t go the way you want; it means you are doing everything right, but you have to keep going. I wrote about this not long ago in a post called Donโ€™t You Worry.


Basically, when things get difficult and life keeps pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go: it’s important to push life right back and fight for what you want. I have realized lately that life works like a video game. If you start to look at the challenges that try to stop you from reaching your goal as if they are unlocking a new level for you to pass in order to win the game; it makes everything a bit more fun, and to be honest…a lot easier to deal with. Think about it, how would you ever win the game if you turn the Nintendo off right in the middle of a battle? You wouldn’t ever win.

So, when stuff doesn’t look like it is going to end up the way you were hoping, all you gotta do is stay calm and focus on your goal…keep looking for those red mushrooms to gain some more power, and…keep going. Everyone always figures out how to beat Bowzer (King Koopa) in the end.


I have also realized how important it is to be yourself. Do what makes you happy, don’t worry about what others think or say. Be yourself regardless, because your happiness matters and if someone can’t appreciate that then they aren’t your people; and it honestly does reflect more about them than it does about you…it means they haven’t figured out how to authentically be themselves yet, and that is what is bothers them.


…and remember that Privacy is Power. Once you get to the level you have been waiting to reach, keep it to yourself. There are plenty of people out there who will try to steal your joy and ruin the game for you. Wait until it’s finished, because they’ll all find out once you win.



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