Synchronicities: Headed in The Right Direction

You know those days where everything is going right, and you keep seeing positive signs (synchronicities) everywhere? Thankfully that has been happening for me a lot lately. It’s amazing how quickly being grateful can turn your life around.


When you start seeing synchronicities everywhere you look (and…queue the Full House theme song to start playing my head) that means you are on the right path in life. Tiny little signs that may come off as little coincidences if you aren’t paying them enough attention are actually trying to reassure you that what you have been manifesting is well on the way.

I have been in the best mood lately, seeing the good in everything. For instance, I ordered my groceries the other day and I had two 20 oz. Cherry Coca-Colas in my cart…the lady who had done the shopping for me picked up one regular Cherry Coke and one Cherry Vanilla Coke instead; if the store would have been out of regular Cherry Coke, she would have notified me and asked if I wanted something different in place of it. A lot of people wouldn’t see this as anything to write home about…the thing is, a few weeks ago I was telling another instacart shopper about how I was wanting to try Cherry Vanilla but it had been sold out anytime I would try to buy it. Tiny synchronicities.


You guys, I know it might sound silly to some of you; but I was so excited when I opened my fridge and saw a Cherry Vanilla Coke that I honestly cried a little.

That same day: I was taking out the trash, and right outside of my front door…one of my neighbors’ children had written this when she was playing with chalk:

Seeing this made me…well, smile. Another synchronicity. Out of all the doors that she could have written that beside, she choose mine.

Guess what the photo at the top of this post is titled that I took in 2011 as part of my 365 project? Go the Right Way.. Isn’t it neat how everything comes full circle?


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