Don’t You Worry- Queen Latifah

I know it isn’t Friday, but today we are going to talk about music anyway. “Don’t You Worry” from the TV show Star.


You guys know I am a big believer in positive thinking Life has been throwing a lot of stuff at me lately. Between some things not happening as fast as I thought they would, my hormones (Yay for being a female…haha!) and things being more difficult lately than they usually are…toss social distancing into the mix and here we are; I’m trying really hard to not lose my S****.


I’ve been watching a lot of positive videos and sermons lately to help with all of this. Most, if not all of them have mentioned something similar to “The tougher the storm, the bigger the breakthrough.” Which is great, because that means I have something really amazing coming soon.


I have been listening to my positive playlist a lot that I made last year when I started getting into thinking positive. One of my favorite songs on there lately is “Don’t You Worry” by Queen Latifah and Luke James. I will leave it for you below; make sure you listen to it, it’s really good stuff (Obviously since it involves Queen Latifah…she’s amazing.)

Really good, isn’t it? This song always snaps me back into a positive mindset.

I really miss Star, it was a little a dramatic…but had a good plot and some great music. It’s on Hulu if you need a show to watch.


I had been kind of negative and worried about things…which is weird because since I started reading my affirmations list I hadn’t been worrying about anything. I still read it everyday; but some things just take time and I have to be patient (that is actually one of the things on my list.)


One of the sermons I watched was by Sophia Ruffin, she was talking about how chaos isn’t always from the Enemy; sometimes God gives us chaos before he takes us to the next level/season of our life…so, don’t rebuke the chaos; embrace the chaos and believe that better days and things are coming.


PS: As soon as I published this blog post this video by Sophia Ruffin popped up in my Facebook feed; Neat how God works…huh?


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