Wheelchair Ramps: This is NOT Okay.

This Tuesday I’m not writing about tea. I am going to tell you about something more important; wheelchair ramps.


This Tuesday I’m going to talk about the importance of wheelchair ramps, and what they are actually for…considering the fact that a very large portion of the population does not seem to know, or even care that they are in fact misusing wheelchair ramps.


If you happen to be friends with me on Facebook, you have probably already heard (err read) my rant about this earlier today…but then I remembered I have a blog with a disability niche, so I need to be writing about it here as well. Plus, the more I speak up about it people might actually start to listen and be more careful to not misuse wheelchair ramps.


This afternoon I needed to take out my trash, I had already been putting it off for too long and some old broccoli was starting to smell up the apartment. Someone parked their U-Haul directly on the wheelchair ramp…making me unable to go down the sidewalk to get to the dumpster. I’ll put the original rant below:


I can’t believe it’s 2020 and people still don’t understand the simple concept of the way wheelchair ramps are supposed to be used. Wheelchair ramps are just that…for people in wheelchairs. Not for you people who have perfectly good legs, but are just lazy. People have been in wheelchairs for decades and yet things like this are still an issue.


Feel free to share this post, so it can reach even more people; it is way past time for the world to realize that #wheelchairlivesmatter.


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PS: A little while later when I went out to see if the U-Haul had moved yet, a nice neighbor noticed me with my trash bags and was kind enough to take them to the dumpster for me. Still though, people need to pay attention and think of others who may actually need the ramps.

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