Love Like Fiction: Fangirl Friday

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It’s been a while since I posted a Fangirl Friday, wasn’t intentional; life just gets busy sometimes, you know? Let’s get back at it. This week I want to tell you about an Arizona based Pop-Punk band, Love Like Fiction.


Remember how I was telling you not long ago about one of my favorite YouTubers, well Leesha is married to the Bassist of Love Like Fiction; that’s how I found out about them.


I love their music. Sometimes they add a little bit of Screamo in too…which if you know me well, you know that is right up my alley.

The first song I ever heard of theirs was “Bilingual? Baby, I’m Bipolar” Title gives off kind of a Fall Boy, or Panic! At The Disco vibe. You can give it a listen below:


See? They are awesome, right? Told you so!

They have a music video for another song of theirs “Summer Daze”:

A few weeks ago they came out with a new single “Misery Maintenance”:


Love Like Fiction has quite a few singles, and an EP out titled “Sounds of City Streets” which can be found wherever you like to stream music.

You can keep up with them on Facebook: here.

Honestly, I really don’t think I could pick a favorite song of theirs if I tried…so far I have loved them all!

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