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Since I am in a wheelchair it is easier for me to do all of my shopping online, especially because I quit having a caregiver earlier this year so that I could be more independent. You probably wouldn’t want to be 30 years old and feel like you had a babysitter either, right?


One of the sites that I shop on most is Amazon. I figured for today’s blog post I would share with you some of my (and Dookie’s) favorite products.


My favorite coffee: Atomic Garden by Oakland Coffee I’m going to be switching to decaf soon…too much caffeine makes me hyper, and I bet cutting down on caffeine will help ease anxiety. Haven’t tried their decaf version yet…but judging by everything else I have tried from them, I bet it is going to be amazing!

My favorite hair, skin and nails vitamins: These taste so good, and they work pretty fast.


My favorite Multivitamin, Smarty Pants; these are gummies too. They taste really good and are made with organic ingredients.


Alo Comfort Aloe Vera Juice Drink. The aloe vera in these drinks have a lot of benefits, aside from being very hydrating, it also keeps your skin looking clear and healthy; reduces heartburn… and is also very helpful in keeping your colon running smoothly.

Watermelon Peach is my favorite, but the Exposed, Honey flavor is good too.


Dookie loves this food: I and Love and You Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food – It is grain free kibble with Prebiotics & Probiotics. Right now he is eating the Simply Seafood recipe. I like feeding him this because it is made with simple ingredients; I don’t have to worry about him eating some filler product that turns out to be unhealthy that I can’t pronounce.

They have beef, and chicken recipes too.


Dookie tends to have a lot of anxiety and sometimes seizures due to his past. (To find out more about that, read the post I linked to his name earlier in this post.)


Tell help keep him calm and seizure free I buy him Hemp Oil on Amazon and put it in his food everyday. The brand that seems to work best for him is Best Friends RX. It is Pharmacy Grade and all natural. It helps with stress, hip and joint pain as well. This oil has truly been a life changer for my sweet boy.

Dookie loves snacks, I have to buy them in bulk since he goes through them so fast. One of his favorites are Steak Grillers by Nudges (another brand that uses simple, healthy ingredients.)


I trim Dookie’s nails myself. I got him this trimmer by Casfuy. It is pretty quiet; which is great considering how anxious he can be. It is basically a little grinder that files his nails down. It is rechargeable, and the battery lasts for a really long time.


That is all I have been buying off of Amazon lately. I plan on doing more posts like these to give you guys a peek inside my shopping cart. Maybe once a month or every few months…we’ll see how it goes.



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