POF Conversations: Johnathan

It’s been a while since I have shared one of my POF conversations with you, so I figured why not today…


This is a guy I met on POF; we messaged each other for a little while, but we never really hit it off, we didn’t meet in person and we never talk on the phone.

I’m not a good texter, I would much rather hang out in person and talk via phone calls. For some reason it is a lot easier for me to carry on a conversation in person or on a phone call. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have been ghosted so many times. It’s a lot easier to ignore a text message than it is to not respond to someone you are in the middle of a call with, you know?

Too bad most guys don’t seem to believe in calls anymore; at least in my experience.


Text messages are so cold and pretty emotionless. I like hearing the other person’s voice. Plus, anytime a guy is willing to be on the phone with me instead of just texting our relationship (friendship or otherwise) always seems to be stronger and work out better.


Hmm…well that turned out to be a longer rant than I meant for it to…but phone calls definitely need to make a comeback. Anyway back to Johnathan, my whole point in this texting spill was to let you know that I am bad at it. As I am sure you can tell from the screenshot below: I basically just say “Haha! Smiley face :)” the whole conversation.



In real life I have a really quick wit and basically have a sarcastic remark for everything. Which is probably why talking with this guy in March of 2017 never really went anywhere; if he and all of the other guys that turned into failed potential relationships through online dating would have hung out with me in person maybe things would be different for me right now.

This autocorrect mistake had me laughing for a while. His phone seems to think I like sleeping around (which is definitely not the case.)

I’m pretty sure this is the last of my POF conversations that I actually saved…but don’t worry I still have some POF stories to tell you.


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