Pretty Fridge, Hollywood and Getting Back into Photography (Finally!)

This post is random and goes a little all over the place; Fridge, red hair, cameras; but if you stick around, it all sort of comes together in the end…


I know this is not a posting day for me normally, but I figured it doesn’t matter considering I skipped a week’s worth of blog posts, whoops! I don’t really even have an excuse other than…maybe writer’s block? I guess. Never meant to be gone this long. Quarantine/social distancing is really starting to get to me.


I mean, honestly this is not much different than my normal life; I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who seems to constantly have plans, and friends over…but in reality I never really go anywhere if there isn’t a show…and I feel like I have to practically beg people to come over, which is never fun, cause I want people to come see me because they want to; not just to shut me up about them coming over. It seems everyone is always busy (or at least they claim to be.) Now no one is busy, but we aren’t supposed to be around each other, so that’s neat!


Anyway, to be real with you I have absolutely no idea where this post is going, it isn’t planned in any way. I just figured I needed to write something since it has been a little over a week since I last wrote.

Wish I was one of those people in quarantine who are keeping their home spotless since they now have all this new found free time…but I have pretty much been the opposite, I keep putting things off til tomorrow and continue watching Hulu/Netflix.


Speaking of, I started watching Hollywood on Netflix last night. Really good stuff! All about Hollywood and show business in the 1950-ish era. I love everything from that time period. Guys in trench coats and nice hats, and all the girls have their pretty dresses and red lipstick. Haven’t finished it yet, there are 7 episodes; I think I am on episode 4.


In other news I bought a new Macbook, and I am going to get photoshop back…which means I can start using my camera (Canon 5D Mark III) again soon. Super excited! I’ve missed photography so bad! The Macbook won’t be here for a few more days though. (Thank God for QVC and Wayfair...that’s where I do all my major shopping!)


Also, I found the refrigerator of my dreams…so I can finally get rid of the loud stupid piece of crap this apartment came with. They still won’t do anything about it even though I have called and talked to them in person so many times that I couldn’t keep count, about getting a new one for me since literally the day I moved in a year and a half ago, they keep saying they’ll take care of it and then…nothing happens, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and get the damn fridge myself (I can’t stand lazy people! How hard is it for them to order me a new one? Apparently impossible!…Ridiculous!) My dishwasher hasn’t worked since October, they don’t care about that either. Living in an apartment is so fun! :/ I gotta buy a house, I can’t take this anymore!


Although, I thought about it, and even if they did actually decide to do their job and get me a new one…they would more than likely just replace it with a newer version of the cheap, boring white…ugly fridge that I have now. When I can buy a really pretty one with french doors, a fridge that is as red as my hair is in this photo:

I would much rather have a pretty red one, I don’t like normal…everybody has a white, black or silver fridge; too basic and played out. Ever since I was little I’ve had a vision of how I want my house to be decorated. (I miss my long hair…at least it is on it’s way back.)


My kitchen? Black cabinets, red appliances, black and white tile floor. So why not start now as much as I can while living in this apartment?

This means, I’ll actually be able to hear my TV, and sleep in the living room on the couch whenever I stay up too late watching TV (way too loud to sleep or nap on the couch now)…and the best part? I won’t even have to wear my noise cancelling headphones at all times anymore. How exciting! I’m not playing ya’ll, It’s so loud, I can’t even think straight. Maintenance and the apartment owners don’t care though, cause it’s not in their homes bothering them. Like I said: It’s fine now though, cause that red one is way better than what they would get me.


Since I mentioned photography, I should show you my photos, so click here to go to my Flickr to look at my photography.



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