🚩Each Day is a Special Gift 🚩

I used to go to this bar called Fox and Hound on Tuesday nights because Phil Houston (Nothing for 7 months, now twice in one week! If this confuses you, that means you didn’t read my last post, click his name to do that now) ran karaoke there on Tuesdays.


One Tuesday night I was sitting with friends at our usual table, we were half way through the night so each of us had a few drinks in our system already.

A lady I had never seen before tapped me on the shoulder and said something along the lines of:

“I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you for getting out of the house and having fun!”


I know people who say and do these kind of things mean well (this sort of thing happens a lot, so by now I’m pretty much used to it) but I wish they realized how ridiculous they sound when they decide to tell me, or any other disabled person something of this nature. I’m just as much of a human as anyone else in this bar, yet I’m the only one you chose to congratulate on leaving my home? See how dumb that is? Do able-bodied people think all disabled people do is sit at home feeling sad and depressed about the fact they are a little bit different than others? I bet there are a few of us that do; but I definitely am not one of them.


Sure, I have my moments where it sometimes gets to me a little, but I refuse to sit at home all the time and dwell on the fact that I’m in a wheelchair. I could have it so much worse…I could have been a brain dead vegetable in a bed; but I’m not. So, I’m going to live the life I was given the best I can and be as “normal” possible, because aside from the fact that I sit in a wheelchair, I am normal…yes my muscles are tighter than your average person (there are some situations where this is a good thing, if you know what I mean. 😉)


After this lady walked away my friends were all “what the f*** was that?”

One friend even said he was going to make me a flag, so I can carry it with me when I go out, and each time someone says something stupid like that to me I can wave it around and proclaim to them that Each Day is a Special Gift

Moral of this story: please do not be like the lady I just told you about when you see a disabled person, we are just regular people like you; if you are currently like this lady…just know that we get drunk and laugh at how silly you sound with our friends once you go away.


PS: I’m still waiting on that flag Matthew! 😝

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