Phil Houston: Fangirl Friday

First off I gotta say I’m a little shocked at myself, that this blog has been up since Halloween 2019 and today is the first time I have ever mentioned Phil Houston on Life As Lauren Mikael.

It’s Friday after all so what better day to bring him up than now?


If you ever read my other blog Rockstars and Randomness, you know that I practically always found some kind of way to mention him or one of his bands. Why? Cause he’s awesome, and a very good friend of mine. If you are all sorts of lost and you have no idea who this is…well I’m gonna fix that.


Phil Houston is one of…if not the best, frontman of the Arkansas music scene. He has been in some of the greatest local bands; Se7en Sharp, The Revolutioners, and more recently The Resistance.


Basically anytime there is a big name band coming to Arkansas to perform, you can bet one of Phil’s bands is going to be playing on the bill of that show too. Buckcherry, Hinder, Bret Michaels, Fuel, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Highly Suspect, and that’s just naming a few; the list goes on… The Revolutioners even went on tour with Saving Abel for awhile.

…and yes, I was at every single one of them. Front row of course. That’s my rule with going to shows: Front row or don’t go. For many reasons:

Everything is better in the front row- closer to the action, better photos, You up your chances of having some sort of personal interaction with the band and/or artist; and most important to me as a wheelchair user- You can actually see, because you don’t have some tall…or um, those who are how do I put this nicely? A rather large person in your way, blocking your view.


I first saw Phil Houston when his band Se7en Sharp opened for Aranda on March 23rd 2012. Which is when I took this photo:

I’m going to be real with you…this was back when I used to drink. I am very surprised that this photo even turned out as well as it did…my cranberry vodka was like, one tiny splash of cranberry juice and the other 16.8 ounces were vodka. Whoops!


Not long after this show Se7en Sharp played with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I was sober for this one, so I actually was able to pay attention to how talented Phil is.

Below is a popular Se7en Sharp song “Kami”

See? I told you he was good!

Here is another really good one “Give Me a Chance”

If I had to pick a favorite, I think this would be it.

I feel like this is going to be a really long post already, so let’s go ahead and move on to The Revolutioners.

This band as far as the members go, and friends I’ve made because of The Revolutioners makes this band of his, probably my favorite out of all of the bands he has been in.

Pretty sure I only missed 3 shows The Revolultioners played out of the 5-ish? years they were together, which isn’t bad at all, considering how often they played (sometimes 3 times in one day! Yes, I was at all of those too!) Why? Cause they are/were really good and it was so much more entertaining than sitting in my apartment by myself all day.

I think this was at the Arkansas State Fair when they played with Everclear…fun times!

Below is the song they were most popular for “Pop Rocks”

…but my favorite is this one…”Razors and the World”

Although…”Glitter King VS. The Rock N’ Roller” is awesome too!


Now on to the newest one.

The Resistance:

The Resistance is made up of some very talented members.

They actually released a new song yesterday, which is why I thought today’s Fangirl Friday topic was very fitting.

it’s called “Push You Away” It’s a ballad. Really good. I love it! Push play, you’ll see.

Here is a link to their Youtube channel, because you need to listen to all of the other songs they have too, and I don’t want this to turn into the longest blog post in the world.

This is my favorite picture I’ve taken of him performing

You can see more of these pictures (and photos of other bands I have photographed) on my Facebook Photography page here.

To end this blog post here is a picture of the members of The Revolutioners and I on my 24th birthday. That was a really fun party!



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PS: Phil has a blog too where he tells you all kinds of fun things you can do in Arkansas. Check it out here.

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