Talking As Fast As I Can: Tuesday Starts with Tea

Okay, so to be honest with you I am sort of cheating this week for Tuesday Starts with Tea. This post is from my old blog Rockstars and Randomness.


Quarantine has thrown off my blogging schedule. I’ll stay up too late and end up sleeping the next day away, and since I can’t blog in my sleep, that means I miss out on writing new posts. I’m handling it better from now on. I’ve already came up with a plan. In the meantime check out this post from my R&R days that conveniently fits in with Tuesday Starts with Tea.


This was originally posted by me on June 28th 2017:

On Sunday I finished Talking As Fast As I Can By Lauren Graham (AKA Lorelai Gilmore)

You also get an inside look at my Converse collection.

I absolutely love Lauren Graham, so as soon as I found out she was coming out with another book, I had to have it.

This was a pretty quick read for me, it definitely kept my attention all the way through.  So many times while reading, I found myself laughing out loud.


She tells you about her life and gives you some scoop on Gilmore Girls.

I learned a few life lessons as well…like:

Don’t accept something just because it is free.

Look up from your phone, so you don’t miss your life passing you by

When dating take your time, and focus on other things. such as writing or photography; instead of spending so much time worrying in a negative way about the relationship and things that could go wrong.  (I worry way too much and I do need to focus more on those very things.)

I have even learned a new method to help me become a better writer.  It’s already working for me.


Oh, and I really loved Old Lady Jackson…confused? Well, that’s why you need to read it, go on, go read it.  Thank me later.

Talking As Fast As I Can is a great book, I really enjoyed reading it.  If you want to read it too, you can buy it from Amazon here.

PS: The tea will return next Tuesday when I tell you about the book I am reading by Mindy Kaling.



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