Wondercide: Flea & Tick Spray

My sweet little Dookie has been battling fleas for quite some time now. I’ve tried Raid flea killer, but the fleas kept coming back, even tried a flea collar (caused him to have seizures.) Dookie having seizures scared me away from using any more products that are not made from natural ingredients. That’s when I found Wondercide. Safe for dogs, cats and humans.


Wondercide is made with essential oils; it comes in a few different scents like: Peppermint, Lemongrass, Cedarwood and Rosemary.


To try it out I bought as spray bottle in Cedarwood scent. They even have wipes for on the go, in a small enough container to fit in you purse or backpack. Perfect for trips to the dog park. I bought some of the wipes in Lemongrass.


Dookie is not a fan of bath time, or being sprayed with stuff. Which is part of the reason I also bought the wipes…figured they might make things a little easier; and they did for the most part. My package of Wondercide arrived today. I spent most of the day practically chasing Dookie around the apartment to apply the product to him. I did it…finally. After that, I had to rub him down with a towel to get the dead fleas off of him. Wondercide works practically immediately. After rubbing Dookie down with a towel, I sprayed the carpet and the baseboards (It kills, fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches…all kinds of nasty bugs too!)


Dookie is already feeling so much better; my poor baby was so miserable for such a long time. He was even starting to lose his fur. I just wish I would have found this spray sooner. I definitely know why they call it Wondercide now…it really is wonderful. Plus, my whole apartment smells fresh now. Since it is also safe for human use, no more annoying mosquito bites while you are outdoors.

I took this picture today after his treatment. He’s so happy to be rid of those nasty old fleas! You can buy some through Amazon here, it is prime eligible…or you can also buy it directly through the Wondercide website.




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