She’s got a Body like an Hourglass, It’s Ticking like a Clock

…and beeping.

I know it’s Tuesday, but today isn’t going to be like the usual Tuesday Starts with Tea. I haven’t been in the mood to read lately; which means I haven’t gotten any farther into The Bassoon King. In fact I think am going to have to pick another book soon, and maybe we can come back to The Bassoon King some other time.


I’ve had a rough few days, my Baclofen pump started beeping this past Saturday….it beeps when it is getting low on medication. Most of the time that means there is still a week’s worth in the reservoir, but sometimes it can differ.

Baclofen relaxes your muscles, so obviously when it’s running low I get tense and more anxious than usual. Everytime I hear myself beep it freaks me out. People aren’t supposed to beep.

When I get tense and anxious I get little or no sleep. Plus, it’s hard to sleep when you beep at least once every hour until you can make it to the doctor, I always get scared I am going to go through drug withdrawal again. (Click the Baclofen pump link above to read about that.)

I was finally able to get it refilled today. I’m so glad; the beeping was getting annoying.

I usually get it filled a few days before beeping even starts, but the hospital made a scheduling error and never notified me of my appointment. I was under the impression that I wasn’t supposed to beep for almost another month…well, clearly not.


For the first time in my life I was actually a little excited to go to the doctor, because that meant I was getting out of my apartment. I’ve been social distancing for weeks now. Aside from taking out the trash, and grabbing the mail I try my best to stay in.

I’ve tried to not talk or post about Corona virus much…because honestly I’m tired of hearing about it. Every meme you see that isn’t about that Tiger King show (which I don’t really ever plan on watching.) is about Corona. I may be tired of seeing it everywhere, but at least I understand how important it is to take precautions.


Today when we (Mama and I) were out we wore masks and used hand sanitizer very frequently. (Mama is a nurse so she understands how serious all of this is.) After the appointment we ran another errand. Besides the two of us, we only ran into one other person wearing a mask during this errand, that frustrates me. All of those people aren’t taking this virus seriously. I understand a lot of people don’t have access to actual an actual mask, but there are alternatives you could use: A bandana, or cut up a T-shirt.


The one masked person we saw today kept pulling her mask down exposing her mouth when she would talk to people. (Um, really dumb…that defeats the whole purpose!) The longer people do stupid things like not wearing a mask, or wearing one, but removing it and touching it while out in public…the longer that everything is going to be messed up and shut down the way it is. I would rather wear a mask and be safe than assume this is no big deal the way a lot of people still seem to think it is. I’m ready to hang out with friends, go to the movies…I miss going to live shows so bad, I need live music.


Please be smart and stay in unless you absolutely have to get out of the house; and make sure to protect yourself if you do.


PS: Baclofen pumps occasionally make a very quiet ticking sound…just like a clock; hence the title of this post. Also, due to scoliosis my body is not like an hourglass. Title comes from the lyrics of Paramore’s “Misery Business


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