POF Conversations: Damon Rob

I’m going to be honest with you…


I’ve had writer’s block all day. Normally when it is a posting day (Friday, Sunday, Tuesday) I know exactly what I want to write about, but today is not like that. It’s 9:45 PM, which means I need to have this post up soon.

So…I guess I’ll just sit here on my couch, staring at my Macbook screen until I can think of something…

Hmm…how about a POF story, It’s been a while since I have shared one of those?

Yeah..let’s do that.


This was from two summers ago. I think we can all agree that this one doesn’t even come close to holding a candle to whalecum, but I still find it interesting; because really what did Damon expect to happen, you know?

Maybe he expected to get a few naughty pictures from me. That’s not my style though…so even if he would’ve been real, the odds would have not been in his favor.


Kudos to Damon, at least he spelled welcome right. Haha! 😉

Also, at least he was honest at the end of it all and didn’t just ghost me the way most guys do.

What a jerk though, I spent most of my day talking to this guy that day. Just goes to show you POF and online dating are, for the most part a waste of time. I have found a few guys on there who have turned into great friends, if nothing else…so it’s not all bad.

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  1. Yup that’s online dating. It’s extremely difficult to actually meet a genuinely good match online. Also I’m using my phone and your site is working totally fine on it!

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