Barbie Scarred Me for Life

When I was younger my sister, Heather used to love playing pranks on me and scaring me all the time…probably because I was always so jumpy. The time that sticks out to me the most; is and always will be…the Barbie mask situation.


My entire life I have had a deep fear of anything that involves costumes, masks…basically people dressed up as something they aren’t. This includes, mascots, Disney characters…(which made going to Disney World in the 6th grade super fun for me.) Easter bunny, Chuck E. Cheese or even Santa Claus.


I love the idea of Halloween; the scary movies and television shows are awesome, the decorations (I love and use as home decor all year round.) and of course the candy. Don’t expect me to want to partake in trick-or-treating in anyway. Halloween comes around and you can find me cuddled up on my turquoise sofa with a bulk size bag of miniature Reese’s cups, watching American Horror Story. This is not Three’s Company…don’t you come and knock on my door.


The Barbie Mask:

Growing up we lived in a house with a bathroom I shared with my sister. The bathtub/shower had a removable bench, so that I could take showers; after a certain age taking a bath was out of question for me. Lifting me out of the tub was hard on my parents, because I was basically dead weight back then.

Only problem was the bench was too far away from the shower temperature controls, so when the water would start getting cold I would have to yell for a family member to come turn the water up.


One night, (I was probably 6 or 7 years old at the time) as I was showering the water went cold. I yelled out for help. Heather came to the rescue.

“I’m coming, hold on a second.” she said. Shortly after she slowly pulls back the shower curtain. In a really creepy, girly voice says “Hi Lauren.” I look at her completely terrified!



Oh, only because she was wearing this exact Barbie mask:

It was just a random night by the way, it wasn’t even Halloween. So, I definitely did not see this coming at all.

I’m sure I started screaming bloody murder and crying. Heather probably thought it was hilarious. Me? Not so much.


That Barbie mask scarred me for life. (I didn’t even want to look at the picture of it as it was uploading in this post.) To this day, even though I am 30 years old and live in my own apartment…where I can control the water temperature all on my own; I refuse to take a shower at night time, because when I do I always find myself peeking behind the curtain every time I hear a noise; as if Barbie is there…planning my murder.



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