Office Ladies: Fangirl Friday

With all of this social distancing lately. I have been reading a lot, but I have also been listening to Office Ladies podcast.

You guys probably already know I love The Office, and I have good ole Scott to thank for that. He convinced me to watch past the first few episodes, and even though he has since forgotten how to text me back, I will forever be grateful of him for showing me how amazing it is.


Office Ladies is a podcast done by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Also known as Pam Beasley and Angela Martin of The Office. They are best friends in real life, so they came up with the idea to start a podcast, reminiscing their days starring in The Office.


I started listening a few months ago when they first started doing the podcast; but unintentionally fell away from Office Ladies a few episodes in. I guess life got in the way or something.


Since I’ve been stuck in my apartment for a while due to social distancing, I’ve started it up again. Each week they feature a different episode of The Office; they go in order of which they aired on televison.


As of right now I am on episode 7 (The Dundies) of The Office Ladies podcast, out of the 19 they’ve done so far.

I love this podcast so far, and I’m not even a podcast person; this is the first one I’ve every really subscribed to.

Jenna and Angela breakdown the episode of the week and tell you behind the scenes facts about filming The Office. I’ve learned a lot of cool things I would have never known as an Office fan otherwise. They even call other cast members on air sometimes, so they can add in their two cents about the episode being discussed.

I really like listening to Office Ladies because it gives you a way to kind of get to know all of the actresses and actors a little better.


If you are also a fan of The Office you can listen to the podcast on your iPhone with the podcast app that comes preinstalled. Just open it and type Office Ladies into the search section, add their podcast to your library and you are good to go. You can also listen via your computer by clicking here.

Also, I bought the books by every star of The Office that has written one, and I am going to read them for Tuesday Starts with Tea, so be on the look out for those in the coming weeks!



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3 thoughts on “Office Ladies: Fangirl Friday

  1. I am also not a typical podcast listener, but Office Ladies is so good. The episodes aren’t too long, their discussions are fun, and they’re so easy to listen to. I love behind the scenes things, so I really like the info they have to share that no one else talking about The Office could provide.

    1. I know! i’m going tio be sad when they reach the end of the series, I’m so happy they both decided to do the podcast.

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