Brian Mullen: Fangirl Friday

Last Saturday night I went to a bar (Ton’s Place) to see a friend of mine play. (Brian Mullen)


Bars aren’t really my scene anymore, since I quit drinking in 2015…but I made an exception since this place is pretty close to my apartment and I hadn’t ever had the chance to see Brian play before.

Ton’s Place is pretty small, I like the vibe it has; really friendly staff too. I would definitely go back.


Just remind me to wear a sign around my neck next time that reads: I quit drinking years ago. Don’t offer to buy me a drink. Thanks! 🙂

I got tired of explaining to every guy there that I am sober now.


Next time, I vote Brian plays at a coffee shop, I would never turn down a man offering me free coffee…or tea. I love tea.

I’m from Sheridan, a small; honky tonk of a town in Arkansas. Lived there all my life until I turned 18. As a lot of you probably know Country isn’t really my thing; so I had to get out there.

Sheridan is basically a Wal-Mart, a few dollar stores and a Sonic Drive-in; then you’re done.


However, there are a few little shops and boutiques in “downtown” Sheridan…but from what I can remember none of them are really wheelchair friendly (step ups to get into the shops, and too crowded for a wheelchair if I did happen to make it inside.)

So you can probably see why it was a boring place to live in my case.

I mean how many times can you go to Wal-Mart before it all gets old, you know?


They do have a fairly new coffee shop that I need to go to when I’m in town next, haven’t tried it out yet.

Wow! I really get sidetracked. Whoops!


Anyway the point of all this hometown stuff was because Brian is from Sheridan too.

The town is small; so it’s kind of one of those everybody knows everybody situations. Like, even if you don’t know-know somebody, you still know them…you know? (Channelling my inner Billie Joe Armstrong for this post I guess..)

I don’t think I knew too much more about Brian back then, other than he was/is a musician and I’m pretty sure he was working at a pizza place in town at the time.

It never really occurred to me to listen to his music, ’cause ya know, I was stuck in my “Eww, gross! County music” faze.

It wasn’t until a few months ago, after we had became good friends through Facebook that I decided to cave in and give his music a chance.



Basically I feel like an idiot. All this time I was stubborn. (Which is definitely not out of the ordinary for me.)

That night, he went anywhere from original songs, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles…to Elton John, and Jimmy Buffett.

The man is so good! Super, super talented.


In fact, I was playing a song of Brian’s while going somewhere with my Mama a few weeks ago and she legit thought it was Randy Travis, she was shocked when I told her who it was.

The song we were listening to was “Back When”

I didn’t take any pictures, I just wanted to enjoy the performance. Although, I did get a photo of his banner/backdrop.

(Are you following me on Instagram? If not…you should fix that.)


His music is available on all platforms, you can stream it wherever you like to listen to your favorite music. (There is also an Irish singer named Brian Mullen)…but don’t get them confused, make sure you go for these recordings:

Brian Mullen has a blog too. Check it out here.



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