POF Conversations: Jeff

I know I said I was done with dating apps and I still am…but I figured I would tell/show you guys some of the weird and entertaining conversations I had while I was using POF.

We’ll start with Jeff.


Okay, so when he called me beatiful I let it slide; I can see how that could be an easy typo.


…but then, whalecum.


I laughed forever after seeing that; and then blocked him.

I am not sexual fluids from a whale.

Maybe he was trying to be funny, but I feel like he might be a bit mentally challenged.


Also, there are much nicer ways to bring up my chair. Or just don’t. We’ll get to it if it’s actually necessary.


PS: If he actually has mental issues, I feel bad for laughing, but I mean come on, you know you laughed too.

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8 thoughts on “POF Conversations: Jeff

  1. Honestly it seemed like he was just being pervy not like he had mental health issues and yes there are much better ways to bring up your wheelchair that came off as pretty rude.

  2. This is exactly the reason why I don’t do online dating. I don’t understand why people think that’s ok. At least you a good laugh about this one 🙂 xx Manon

    1. I know! That was months ago and I still think of it all the time and crack up every time! 🤣

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