So Tired…of this Chair

So, remember yesterday when I said I had a hard day?

I’ll tell you about it. It’s actually kinda funny now.


I’ve had this huge electric wheelchair sitting in my living room for months. I don’t like the big ones, no offense to anyone who needs this kind…but they are just too “special needs” for me.

I am very independent and try my best to not view myself any different than any other person, like I’ve said many times on here I don’t throw myself pity parties just because my legs don’t work.


So… anyway about a year ago I told my doctor about how I hadn’t gotten a new electric wheelchair in 9 YEARS. At most they (insurance) are supposed to let you upgrade every 5 years.

In the past I have been a very soft spoken person…so if things did not go the way they should, I would just try to let it slide; the problem with that is now it can be hard to get people to listen to me and get what I need done.


I would call and/or meet with companies about my chair and whatever I needed and somehow for 9 years they kept managing to find a way to blow me off.

After my doctor found out about this I had a new chair probably within a month. Which is great and all…except they didn’t listen and sent me a huge chair (and sent blue when I asked that whatever chair I got be red. 😩)

Very similar to the one in the picture below:

See? Huge and screams “Look! Look. How special I am!”


I haven’t used it in months…for the same reasons I told everyone I wouldn’t.

1. I’ve had pets die because of my other big chairs like this. I didn’t/don’t want it too hurt my sweet Dookie (which it has, he’s okay now though.)

2 It’s too big to navigate around my apartment without hitting things and messing them up. Now I have dents and scrapes on most of my doors, cabinets and whatnot.


This seems like it’s going to be long, I’m sorry! Haven’t even gotten to the real point yet. Getting there I promise.

I’ve been asking people to help me get rid of it for months, I don’t want this huge thing taking up space in my apartment; it doesn’t exactly look cute. I’ve Googled how to dispose of an electric wheelchair, and found no real solution.


Today I finally got sick of it and decided to at least for now put it out on my back patio. (Yes, I know…it may get ruined due to weather or whatever….but since I don’t want it and it causes more harm in my life than good, who cares.)

Somehow during all of this I managed to hit myself in the head with the very heavy, metal armrest, and also fall on the floor in between the huge wheelchair and the patio door. Not to worry, I got up on my own. My small electric wheelchair was close by, so I sat myself on its footrest and reached up to the controller….drove myself over to the ottoman that is on the other side of the living room.


Once I reached the ottoman I was able to put one arm on the ottoman and the other on the chair to hoist myself back into the seat.

It’s very interesting to have to drive a wheelchair while sitting on the footrest, but today was definitely not my first time doing so.

Here’s a picture of the smaller chair to make it easier for you to visualize me driving from the footrest.


I love this chair! It is so easy to take places, folds like a lawn chair. It’s so simple to put in the backseat of an Uber, (even small cars) and just go out and do whatever I want and need to do.

Anyway…big chair is successfully on the patio, since I refuse to be a quitter. As if all of these shananigans weren’t enough, today also happened to be refill the water cooler day. Plus, I vacuumed the whole apartment.

Have I ever mentioned that people with Cerebral Palsy use up anywhere from 60 to 80% more energy to do any task than a “normal” person? Cause we do.

I’m writing this a day in advance, which means this all happened today…which means I’m exhausted and going to bed now. Goodnight!



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