Kevin (err Brian’s) Famous Chili

I love The Office, so when I woke up this morning and saw the video above I was so happy! Poor Kevin/Brian.

Apparently it’s National Chili Day, didn’t know that was a thing…but practically everything has its own day now so…whatever.

Kinda makes me want to cook a batch, chili has always been one of my favorite foods.


You may have already seen the video earlier, it’s been floating around Instagram and Facebook already today. I had a difficult day, so I am late to get this post up. Might talk about all the thing that happened today in another post soon, who knows.

Even Dookie loves The Office, he is so interested whenever it is on. Smart boy he has good taste, Shameless is another one of his favorites


If you have never seen The Office, the video above probably means nothing to you, in which case. Fix that. Start watching The Office now (the U.S. version.) It’s on Netflix.

I will admit, it takes until around episode three or so to get good…just push through; it’s so worth it.

I think I’m going to have to start rewatching it soon. I really miss it.



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PS: …and yes, I know I have posted a lot about TV lately. Being in a wheelchair can mean lots of TV, seeing as all you have to do is sit there. Which sounds awesome; but trust me, it gets really old, but if you have any TV show recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments. I feel like I have already seen almost everything. I need something new.

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