Friends Reunion

Finally! I’m so excited! I have been waiting to hear this for a long time.


I haven’t posted in about 10 days. I wasn’t feeling like myself, so I had to take a break, wasn’t planning on being away this long.

Earlier today I was praying for some good news, and a topic to write about….less than an hour ago I find out that a Friends Reunion is coming to HBO Max, along with all of the episodes from the original series.


I’ve always loved this show, and still enjoy every episode (even though I’ve seen them all countless times) as much as I did when I saw them for the first time growing up.


For years there have been fake articles going around about a reunion, which has been disappointing, but this one is actually real. All of the original 6 cast members posted about it via their Instagram accounts.

Yay! 🙂


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