Don’t Spill the Tea

Everyone who knows me knows I love coffee, I can keep up with the Gilmore Girls when it comes to how much I drink coffee.  

…but I also really love tea. I’m sort of a coffee and tea snob.


 When it comes to coffee my favorite is Oakland Coffee Works. They sell organic coffee, in compostable bags…the first bag of it’s kind by the way.  Oakland Coffee is owned by none other than my favorite, Green Day. (That has nothing to do with why I like the coffee) it’s just delicious; try it, you’ll see.  My favorite is Atomic Garden whole bean.  Whole bean makes all the difference guys, I’m serious. I’m spoiled now.  You can buy it from their website (linked above) or get it through Amazon.


Yeah, so anyway.  This is supposed to be about tea.  (Hello again ADD, my old friend.)

A friend told me about Harney and Son’s Fine Teas a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I love every tea I have tried from them so far. 

My favorite is Hot Cinnamon Sunset

…but I have been drinking Peppermint a lot lately.

Birthday Tea is another favorite. Gonna be having a few cups on my 30th birthday in a few days (February 20th)


HTTP://RWRD.IO/M31580R If you want you can use this link to get $5.00 off your order of $30 or more.

I know everyone is into the term Spill the Tea lately, but these are yummy, high quality teas. I don’t recommend spilling them; the only place you’ll want to spill these teas is into your mouth.



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