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It’s been a little bit, I apologize. I was going through a bit of blog maintenance, everything is good now, so it’s time to get back at it. This post is all about Green Day.


For this post I’m going back to my Rockstars and Randomness roots. I’ve been thinking of starting some sort of Music Monday type deal on here; once a week or so write about what I’ve been listening to/or just anything music related. Maybe do it on Fridays instead and call it Fangirl Friday. I will also include any stories of personal interactions I’ve had with whichever artist is featured for that week. This way R&R still lives on in a way. Does that sound good to you guys?


Today Green Day released their new album “Father of all Mother*******” I’m not sure if you know this yet or not, but Green Day is my all-time favorite band. Why else would I name my dog Dookie?


I saw them live in March of 2017. Obviously they were on my bucket list. I was so happy to finally see them, I had been wanting to for years. They definitely did not disappoint. Not to sound clichรฉ, but as their song (Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) implies…I honestly did have the time of my life.

This was my first arena type show to go to without a caregiver, I was so happy to be independent that night; going with caregivers usually meant that I had to leave whenever they were ready to go, seeing as they are the one who could drive. Good news is at the start of 2020 I became fully independent and no longer have anyone working for me. Now I just Uber when I need to go somewhere, have Instacart deliver groceries, and buy most of anything I need from the internet. I was just tired of being almost 30 (just a few more days ya’ll.) and feeling like I had a babysitter. I should have quit a very long time ago.


Anyway, back to Green Day; sorry, I totally have ADD. I was as close to the stage as you could be. Being in a wheelchair actually comes with quite a few amazing perks. I was on Mike Dirnt’s side of the stage. He kept smiling and making silly faces at me the whole show.

When it was time for “Jesus of Suburbia” I stood up and hung on to the rails for the whole song. That song is 9 minutes and 8 seconds long. I was pretty proud of myself. Apparently, so was Mike; at one point in the song he looked over at me and the expression on his face was a happy type of shocked, like “Woah…! Wait a minute, she’s in a chair, but now she standing for us.” I’ll never forget that look.

The electric wheelchair I took to the arena had been breaking down a lot at the time, it was getting old; battery would hardly stay charged.


Before the show. I sort of jokingly said to a friend “Wouldn’t it be cool if my chair broke right in front of Green Day, and then I had to hang out with them?”

Flash foward to after the show. My chair dies. (I always keep the charger in the basket underneath the chair, just incase I need it.)

I charge it in a room filled with Green Day’s family and friends. (A few of the members are from Little Rock, so they were having a little get together.)

Here’s a picture of Mike Dirnt and I while my batteries are charging.

Another prime example of why you should always watch the way you speak. You get what you say. Good or bad.

I also got to talk to Jason White for a little bit. His friends were nice enough to share an Uber home with me; they even paid for my half of the ride. Thanks Lindsey and Burt!


Oh, right this is supposed to be about the new album. Squirrel much?! Haha!

New album is great. It’s a little different from their usual stuff. Which is always good, don’t want to get bored from the same ole thing, ya know? Not gonna lie, it took me a few listens to get into it. Each time I listen to it, it gets even better.


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7 thoughts on “Green Day- Father Of All…- Fangirl Friday

  1. What an amazing first concert experience. I’ve never seen Green Day live but hope to one day. I did not know they had a new album out, listening to it now ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

    1. They are amazing live, if you ever get the chance to see them I definitely recommend it! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a blast!

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