It’s Raining Kibble

Yesterday was a day that really tested my slightly new found positivity. Things just kept going differently than I wanted them to.


For instinance, I was taking out trash; when I got to the dumpster there was a bag of trash on the ground, right in front of the dumpster, one of my lovely neighbors must have not felt like actually putting into the practically empty dumpter, causing me to not be able to get as close as I should have been to toss mine in. (if their bag wouldn’t have been half open and looking gross, I would have gladly done my part and put it away properly for them, speaking of glad; the bag that claims to have a rip protection guard, ripped…as I was trying to lift it up to toss it in…spilling 4 pounds of dog food (recently had to change brands after the kind he was eating started causing him problems) among other things all over the ground.


Kibble rained all over me and my chair. Thanks trusty ole Anti Rip for that magical moment. (Probably not their fault, probably had something to do with the 4 pounds of loose dog food.) It most certianly did not make me glad. Pretty sure I said all of the dirty words I’ve ever known while all of this was happening.

After taking the trash out I took a very long shower, trash is so gross you guys.


Next it was time to work out (by that I mean refilling the 5 gallon water bottle on my water cooler.) That’s always such a blast…takes me about an hour, cause I’m stubborn and fill it fuller than I can lift it. Which also made me say all the curse words I know. (I promise, I really am trying to be better about that.) These are times when I would really benefit from having a man around. It needs to rain men instead of kibble.



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