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It’s time I formally introduce you guys to my Dachshund. Considering this blog has been up since November, and the tagline mentions Dachunds there hasn’t been much talk (err writing) about my baby boy yet. February 26, 2019 my Dad sent me a text with a picture of a 3 year old Dachund named Duke Winston, Daddy said the dog needed a new home, he was in a bad situation…his owners weren’t caring for him. He was very severely malnourished.


Apparently the previous owners would leave town for weeks at a time and leave this poor little boy locked in a kennel by himself without food or water. I don’t understand how people could do something like that. It makes me so angry!!! I decided to take him. I love dogs. Plus it gets lonely living alone. This way we both win. Now he is my emotional support dog; after all the trauma he went through growing up I have been thinking of getting him his own emotional support dog. (He gets lonely, would probably do him a lot of good to have another dog around to play with.) He has a lot of anxiety, but who wouldn’t after being starved and abused the way he was?


This photo was taken the day my parents picked him up from his previous owners for me. They took care of him for about two weeks before he came to live with me, since we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. He could barely open his mouth and was too weak to eat.

I am not at all a fan of the name Duke Winston, but he already knew his name. So I was trying to figure out what to do.


Then it hit me. Duh! Green Day is my all time favorite band, one of Green Day’s most iconic albums is “Dookie” Perfect!!!

Now he has plenty of nicknames, Dook, Dookie-Doo, Dookie-Roo, Bubba, and for some reason…lately, Butters. Not sure why. A few weeks ago I called him that one morning and then later the same night my cousin came over and was playing with Dookie and she called him Butters too without me even mentioning anything…then she said she had no idea why she called him that. Trippy stuff.


Here we are 10 months later and he is happy and healthy. He is so sweet, really silly, he has so much personality. I love this little baby so much. I’m so glad I am able to help him have a better life than he had in the past.

Someone is finally used to having their photo taken, look at him posing and sitting pretty! I took this last picture yesterday, I have been planning on writing this post for a while now, figured it would be nice to have an updated photo.




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