Learning to Lean on My Faith

Last night before heading to bed I noticed a note on my apartment door.

I assumed it was going to be a note about maintenance coming or something. I opened it and…

Eviction notice saying I have 30 days to move out of my apartment.

Definitely not about maintenance. It was an eviction notice.

I panicked…flashbacks of last year were happening…(I was wrongfully evicted from my place last year.) I cried, I prayed; this could not be happening to me two years in a row. I couldn’t handle that again. I had nowhere to go this time. 

I needed a little faith.


Probably needless to say, but I barely slept all night. First thing this morning I got ready to go talk to the main office, I prayed more.

I read my list of affirmations over and over again, I listened to my playlist of positive songs. Once I got to the front office, I found out that the note had apparently been misworded or something…’cause I signed a few papers and everything is perfectly fine now. Thank God!

It’s crazy how often times we go through tough situations and forget to use our faith instead of panicking.


Realized I haven’t shared a picture of myself on the blog yet, so here you go…this is a picture I took today; along with my Facebook post about the same situation.


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