Privacy is Power: Learn to Keep Quiet


Very recently it has occurred to me that Privacy is power. Which basically means as long as you keep things that are important to you private, such as any details of your personal life no one can interfere and mess things up for you.

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I can think of so many times in life where I mentioned details of my potential relationships over the years, and even my relationship with Boyfriend 2) to outsiders (family, friends…whatever) and almost suddenly everything would mess up. 


For instance, one night back when I was dating Boyfriend 2, my Mama came over to bring us dinner. Turns out Jonathon was still at work so my Mama and I sat and ate together.

She mentioned how nice it was to see me happy. I replied “Yeah, honestly I didn’t know it was even possible to be this happy…I can’t picture my life without him now, I don’t know what I would do if he ever left.”

Fast forward 12 hours. Boyfriend 2 moved out.

Not saying it’s my Mom’s fault or anything; just be careful what you vent to people about…life is voice activated.


The same friend I mentioned in the Positivity post that I linked above is always telling me what seems like, every detail of her life…ever, which can get annoying. I like silence and, only talking if the subject matter is important. I don’t like chit chat. Like I mentioned in the other post this friend seems to be constantly going through dramatic situations.

Moral of the story…keep personal details of your life private, even when it comes to potential situations, privacy is important. Have you ever noticed how actors and actresses are told not to tell anyone about scripts they are reading for a potential movie? They do that for a reason, you know…


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