Positive Thinking is Powerful

The first half of this post is going to seem like a downer, but bear with me…it’s actually ending on a super positive note, I’m going to be showing you just how important positive thinking really is.

This post goes along with Privacy is Power , so make sure you read that one too!


For the last few weeks I have been irritable, about almost everything, stressed out so bad that I couldn’t sleep. Since I was so tired I had no energy to cook or eat much of anything, which is basically a vicious cycle, considering you can’t get a good night’s sleep if you aren’t eating enough/right.


Being exhausted and hungry will make you negative about everything.

That’s how I had been pretty much all month. December tends to be hard for me anyway because when I was 14 years old on December 17th, 2004; I lost my Nanny (my favorite person on earth) We’ll talk more about Nanny later; She deserves her own post, so that will be upcoming.


On December 17th of this year my Aunt sent me a video of Steve Harvey, he was talking about the importance of having a written list of things you desire to have in your life, read them frequently, saying them out loud is good too. Have the faith that you will receive them and they will manifest. Which goes hand and hand with stay positive and you will see positive results in return. (I will embed the video at the end of this post.)


As soon as I finished watching the video I grabbed a pen and paper and started my list. I read over it, went to bed feeling calm, happy and positive. I even got some good sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling much better than I have in quite a while…I went through my Facebook and unfollowed anyone who is not bringing me joy or posting happy, positive things.


I have a friend who has a pretty rough life…especially lately, seems like negativity constantly follows her. It does this because of the way she speaks. Simply put, you get what you say. 100% Without a doubt, I know this. I mention to her the Steve Harvey video, making a list, and told her to mind the way she speaks. As I’m telling her she is constantly still spewing negative things, she won’t listen to me. I understand it completely though, because a few years ago I was the exact same way. Now I know how important positive thinking truly is.


My positive outlook that had recently came back to me the night before was now gone after talking to her. You can’t live a positive life while surrounded by negative people…much in the same way as a recovering alcoholic needs to stay away from bars if they truly want to be sober, it makes it easier. Remove yourself from the situation to remove the problem. Which tells me I need to cut some people out my of life fully. No matter how long I’ve known them or what role they play in my life. They gotta go. I will not let their negativity steal my peace, joy or stress me out anymore. Positive thinking from here on out.



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